Once upon a time, there was a little monster from an unknown place. It used to be called Zarodnik and it was involved in a trip under the depths of the ocean. While it was travelling it found a lot of varieties of creatures and learnt many survival aspects. One day, our hero reach one of the biggest ocean of the world, Izlude. Izlude was the best ocean that a marine creature can imagine with enough food to live forever, but when Zarodnik arrived, Izlude was been slaughtered by a new race of monsters: the Strouf. The Obeaune which were the race that used to live in Izlude during the last centuries became slaves of the Strouf or been killed. Now, the Strouf have taken the control of Izlude, the place where our hero has just arrived. Zarodnik is now involved in this adventure where it will try to save as many Obeaunes as it can by saving it in its belly... But our main character has a limited stomach. What will you do to help it?

In Zarodnik, the objetive is to save as many preys as you can, avoiding the predators that you could listen near you. The more preys save, the better score you get. If you save a prey, you have to go to one of the edges of the screen to move to the next level and continue the game.

To be able to know which creature is around you in the ocean of Izlude, you have to use headphones. If you hear a sound from your left headphone that indicates that the creature is on your left and depending on the sound pitch, low or high it can be above or below your position at the screen.

There are several items that will give you clues and help you to locate Obeaune, or elude Strouf on the screen. You will discover this items during the game.