The main objective of the game is to get the golf ball in the hole by doing gestures on the shooting area. As simple as that. We recommend you to use headphones if you enable the accessibility settings.

  • The game can help you to locate the hole, by checking your taps over the screen until you hear a sound which mean you have found the correct direction of the hole.
  • Before shooting you will hear some sound information that will help you to find the correct location of the hole. This sounds are played if you describe an arc over the shooting area with your finger.
  • The sound will be played by one or other headphone depending on the position of your finger. If you hear the sound through the two headphones then you are ready to do a right shot.
  • You will hear sound information if you fail the shot, giving you a clue about how far from the hole the ball was.
  • Includes two shot modes. The first one is based on quick scroll gestures and the other is like a slingshot.