This is a Minesweeper which incorporates certain features that facilitates use by people with visual disabilities. Its development was inspired by the application "Buscaminas Accesible" developed for iPhone by Jonathan Chacón (Thanks!).  

The main novelty is an alternative interaction mode with the board. On each cell the next interactions are available:

  • One tap to select a cell.
  • Two taps to dig a cell.
  • Three taps to explore a cell.
  • Drag to listen to the cell status on which is located.
Also if you have a keyboard you can use it to play Minesweeper:
  • Arrows, to select a cell.
  • Enter button, to dig or explore a cell.

Other features:      

  • Zoom mode allows you to select a cell in an easier way than the normal mode, by tapping on the center of the screen. This mode also changes the interaction, so now you have to do a tap to dig a cell and a double tap to explore a cell.
  • Cell context reads the cells states around the focused cell.
  • Exploration Mode to flag a cell independently of the number of taps made on the screen device.
  • Repeat the last message played by the synthesizer.

Default controls:

  • Menu button - To repeat the last message synthetized.
  • Mute button - Switch between exploration and dig mode.
  • Volume up button - Turn on/off zoom mode.
  • Camera button - Listen to controls hints.
  • Volume down key - Listen to cell coordinates.
  • Search button - Listen to the cell context information, that is, you will listen at every cell information, that surround the selected one, beginning at the top cell and ending at the top left cell in clockwise order.
If you don't have any of this buttons, you can change them, by making a simple tap on key configurations in main menu.