About the BFG Toolkit

The BFG Toolkit (Blind Faith Games Toolkit) is an open source tool set that allows developers to create 2D games with some accessibility features for blind users in Android. Most of its source code is Java, apart from a few libraries, like an OpenAl port.

Main Features

Accessibility features:
  • Easy integration of 3D sources based on OpenAL in Android applications
  • Easy use of text to speech in your Android applications
  • Automatic voice and sound transcription system
Engine features:
  • Open Source
  • Easy development of 2D games in Java
  • Facilitates development of accessible games in Android devices
Additional features:
  • Built-in error & bug reporting system, which has been extended with ACRA, can be added to your application
  • Logging System based on Google Analytics

You can read a sort introduction to using this framework here.

Examples & References
On this site you can a see a set of games which have been published on Google Play and have been developed with this tool. You can download the games source code and the BFG Toolkit here.